Introducing uChoose Rewards - For Diamond Valley Cardholders!

Our latest addition to the Diamond Rewards program is now here! Introducing uChoose Rewards®!

With uChoose Rewards®, you earn points every time you use your Diamond Valley Debit card or your DVFCU Visa. Redeem those points for the rewards you want the most from participating retailers, restaurants, auto repair shops, clothing stores and MORE!

When it comes to rewards programs, the toughest part should be choosing from lots of options. That’s why uChoose Rewards® gives you the flexibility to redeem points for travel, gas, groceries, gift cards at hundreds of merchants and more. These convenient features can be easily customized.

Get a preview of just some of the rewards avaiable to DVFCU Cardholders.

Register for uChoose Rewards® today and start earning points towards rewards you can use!

Register Your Card for uChoose Rewards®

Please have your DVFCU Visa or Diamond Valley Debit Card 16-digit number ready for registration.