Save to Retire

We have a question for you…

Fast forward to one year into your retirement. What does life look like?

Do you live in the town you’re in now, or have you moved to a different location? Do you spend your days relaxing at home, working part time to keep busy, volunteering, or traveling?

Today is Save to Retire Day of America Saves Week. It’s important for you to determine your retirement lifestyle, so that you can save for the retirement you want.

Many Americans, especially those who make a low to moderate income, share a similar sentiment that present competing financial priorities make it difficult to save for the future. To that we say, YOUR FUTURE SELF WILL THANK YOU!

Financial Check-in Of The Day:
Read “6 Steps To Jumpstart Your Retirement Journey.” Then download this resource(link is external) and put it in a place in your home you will see often, as a reminder to save for retirement!

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