All About Chip Enabled Cards

For additional security, the new ATMs that were recently installed at all of our branches are enabled to read the EMV chip found in most debit and credit cards (AKA: The Chip). This means there is an additional step involved when starting the transaction on these machines.

  1. Slide your card in the slot as normal, wait a few seconds and remove.
  2. The screen will come up with a message informing you that the card has “the chip enabled” and must be reinserted and left in the machine until the end of your transaction. (If your card doesn’t have the
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Feeling Stuck In Your Car Loan? Might Be Time To Shop Around!

Feeling Stuck In Your Auto Loan: Now Might Be The Time To Shop Around!
ESCAPE from your current car loan and get 1% Cash back when you refinance with us! Call today (812) 425-5152

Some bills can’t be changed. For other bills, though, a little legwork can make a big difference in your monthly payment. Your car payment is a great example

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Mistakes First-Time Homeowners Make

Need some guidance on buying your first home? Call and speak with a mortgage specialist today! (812) 425-5152
Need some guidance on buying your first home? Call and speak with a mortgage specialist today! (812) 425-5152

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you

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Financial Preparation For 2018

Save Money in 2018, ask about ValuCheck From Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union!
Save Money in 2018, ask about ValuCheck From Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union!

Usher in the new year with plans for financial improvement and resolutions to do more.


Here are some tips to get you started

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6 Ways To Know You’re Using Your Credit Cards Responsibly

Credit cards are an important financial tool, but they need to be used responsibly. Here’s how to know you’re okay.

  1. You can easily pay more than just the minimum payment each month.
  2. You don’t rely on your credit card for everyday purchases.
  3. You are using less than 30% of your credit limit.
  4. You never take out cash advances.
  5. You use it mostly for large, necessary expenses.
  6. You read all the fine print in every letter you receive from your credit card company.
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8 Ways To Save On Valentine’s Day

Having the perfect night out doesn’t mean you need to break the budget. Here are eight ideas for a thrifty Valentine’s Day date:
  1. Cook a romantic dinner at home instead of eating at an overpriced restaurant. Set the ambiance with some scented candles and soft music, and save a bundle!
  2. Make your own gift. Instead of buying a pricey piece of jewelry, frame a nice picture of the two of you or write a meaningful card.
  3. If you are going out to eat, make sure to check
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7 Easy Ways To Give Your Kids A Financial Education

  1. Take your kids with you on your next visit to Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union!
  2. Let them watch you balance your checkbook.
  3. Show your kids how you pay your bills so they know that electricity, water, gas, phones and cable all cost money.
  4. Give them a budget for an item they want, and let them choose which one to buy.
  5. Let your kids work to pay for an expensive gadget or a special trip they really want.
  6. Help them open their own small business.
  7. Let your kids see you occasionally leave a store without buying anything
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11 Ways To Scale Back On Food Costs

  1. Never shop before making a detailed menu for the week.
  2. Use coupons whenever possible.
  3. Cook with seasonal produce.
  4. Use the generic brands for cleansers, shampoos and detergents instead of brand-name products.
  5. Never buy something just because it’s on sale unless you use that item regularly. You aren’t saving if you got a great deal on something that will just sit in your pantry.
  6. Whenever possible, make your own instead of buying convenience foods.
  7. Never shop for groceries without a list.
  8. Buy in bulk instead
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Now Featuring Chip Card Technology

Spend with Security

A Chip Card is a credit or debit card with a traditional magnetic strip and an embedded microchip for added security. The embedded microchip provides an added layer of security when used at chip-enabled ATMs and terminals. And, keep in mind that you can also swipe your Chip Card as usual if the terminal doesn’t have chip technology. Ask us for more information.

Your new Chip Card is simple to use:

Step 1: With the front facing

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ID Theft - Learn More

Change of Address: What You Should Know

Are you moving? Preparing to go south for the winter? According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) one of the ways that thieves can steal your identity is diverting your billing statements to another location by fraudulently completing a Change of Address form. For your protection and security we will not change your account address based on U.S. Postal forwarding Notifications, or phone requests.

To change the address on your accounts, you must complete and sign Diamond Valley

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